Thursday, April 15, 2010

Los Angeles

Well I am sorry I havent updated my blog I have been so busy. With the trip to LA, the excitement, the boys, the scenes, then Easter, and a mini-vacation to top it all off I have been a busy little Brooke. However, now I am taking the time to reconnect with my fans before I embark on my next journey BACK to LA in May!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Panty Jobs

OK so on my fantastic trip to Cleveland I did my first ever Panty Job scene in fact it wasn’t till Cleveland that I have even heard of a Panty Job. So when I was asked to shoot one I said shit what the heck this is what my journey is all about. Opening myself up, and expanding my sexual horizons and fantasies. Hoping that you like what I put out there when acting out my fantasies. So, even though I didn’t know what a Panty Job was, I wanted to do one. I had a lot of fun during the interview answering the questions the best I could being my first ever interview and all. The anticipation built and it was time to do the actual scene. I wasn’t exactly sure what all you do so I decided to give him a naughty little lapdance to see if I can get him hard, cause turning guys on, turns me on. Then after that well you guys are going to have to check it out for yourself, and let me know. And boys don’t forget I’m brand new so I hope you understand and you like it. Click here to see me in my first ever Panty Job:


Brooke Van Buuren

P.S. My pink bra and underwear set, it's my favorite. I actually can’t really say that cuz all my panties are cute haha!!! ;-)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Motorcycles Make Me Wet!

There is only one way to say it “I LOVE BIKES”. Be it Harleys or Crotch Rockets or Custom Choppers. I fucking love them :) So me and my girls found some sexy biker boys and went for a ride (wink wink). Its soooo much fun. You are on a bike, you feel the wind the speed the vibration in between your legs wrapping your arms and legs around a cute boy or a handsome older man, (bikes make me so wet) and let’s not forget about the excitement! When I ride bikes I laugh and giggle just because it’s such a great feeling (like a 200 pound wand). IDK why, it’s such hard feeling to describe. But it’s fun and makes me cum so I figured I would share a pic with ya :)




After I got home from Cleveland the very next day I had a shoot with BBangs, and the boys over at Popporn ( Lucky me! And boy was I lucky. From where I live it was like a 3 hour drive to Philly YIKES! It really wasn’t that bad though, during the drive I was just thinking of all the possibilities of how my tight little spot was going to get played with. So it made me a little wet and the drive time fly by. After the 3 hour drive I finally get there and get lost for parking ha ha! So the camera guy came out to help me. Like always I filled out paper work blah blah blah! Then get to the fun stuff going over what I was going to wear (better yet take off) it was a pretty simple wardrobe sexy jeans (which make my ass look great) and a tiny T-shirt :) My fav (unless it is a cute dress) so I shot a solo video for them (man I shoot a lot of those lol). It was supposed to be like an amateur scene, so I tried to like pretend I was like brand new to this, ha-ha! Oh wait that’s right I am lol.... so really it was that hard lol! My male talent walked in and he was so cute another plus so it wouldn’t be hard to want to fuck him! So the fun part came doin the naughty :) ( Love that part always). The scene went great and I had the pleasure of Cumming a second time on camera and I took my second facial ever! Yay! So to the Popporn Boys and everyone at Bang Productions I say thank you, and I will work for you anytime! Especially being close to home, till next time!

Photos courtesy of



Thursday, March 18, 2010


Going to Cleveland was my first plane ride ever. Although nervous (seems to be a lot of that just starting out in this biz) it was not as bad as I thought. I don’t know what made me more nervous the airport, plane ride, the first time I have been out of my home state, the fact that I wasnt going to do my first ever Boy/Girl scene. It was a lot to take in. It was a really smooth and easy plane ride thank goodness, which allowed me to focus on my new task at hand actually shooting my first ever porn videos. When I arrived at the airport in Cleveland I was so lost and confused I talked to a cop (I love me men in uniform it’s the easiest way into my panties) for like 10 mins trying to figure out what to do. Meanwhile thinking of the dirty things he could do to me with those handcuffs!! LOL! I met my ride and the producer (one in the same) and to my pleasant surprise I found him extremely hot and was very eager to get to work. We headed right to the studio from the airport and got to work :-) Yay!! We did a whole bunch of solo girl photos. The crew was extremely nice and very caring, knowing that this was a first for me. I got along with everyone great and I feel as though everyone like me as well. After the photoshoot the crew took me out to dinner then to the model house. It was the next morning I realized that this was work, a job, something you have to work hard at everything my agent/manager has been telling me was happening, and all the pieces started to fall in place. The 2nd day in Cleveland it was like playing dress up so many outfits and so many pictures. The day seemed to fly by, but then as the day was closing I remembered the Boy/Girl and before I knew it my first b/g scene came. I was very camera shy at first cause I’m not used to it the positions the hardcore pictures some random guys cock in me (thank god he was hot) lol but once we started to go I kind of got into it however I was still very self conscious about the cameras and didn’t really let myself go and just as soon as it began the scene was over and so was day 2. On day 3 had another few sets of solos to do and the 2nd boy/girl scene. Today I was excited I flew through the solos (so I thought) just waiting for the second crack at that dick. And boy did I do better at least I felt I did I was prepared knew my way around a little better and I actually came! Yay me! And at the end of the second one everyone said I did a lot better which made me very happy. My experience was great with Voodoo Media Group Michael Sinclair and the bunch. They are funny and I hope to get an opportunity to work with them again. Their sets are very laid back but at the same time they work hard to get work done. One of my favorite parts is I even got my make up done :). The work was hard because it is all new to me with like all the posing and positioning and things. But I think I did a good job. And I hope you all are very happy with my work



Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AIM Healthcare! So I decided to do Boy/Girl

So after some thought I decided I loved Porn and I wanted to make it a career, in that decision I decided to do boy/girl work! So what! I love hot guys, I love sex, I love acting so I said WTF let’s go all the way none of this half way stuff, So I go tell this to my agent, he goes overall the risks in detail and then said I have to take the Next Step and on to I go.

For never doing this before AIM did make it very easy for the most part being out of state and all so after purchasing the panel it was time to take the test.

I woke up a little later than I had planned this morning. Feeling the time crunch of an already booked boy/girl scene and getting the test in time was a major concern. I went to go get my AIM test when I walked into the building I at first went to the wrong clinic I could tell by the strange looks on their face when I asked if my Adult Industry Medial test had been faxed.fucking haters!!! After about another 10 mins of searching I found the correct office. Finally I found it and I saw on the door they opened at 6 am 4 hours later than I originally intended on being there. Shit I though hoping it wouldn’t affect my first ever B/G scene. Then a second thought crossed I hope I don’t have to fucking wait forever. I should have come earlier on. When I walked through the door and saw the waiting room full of people (that’s when I realized why my agent wanted me there first thing…sorry Phil lol!) Like most of my firsts in this business I felt kind of awkward. Anywho gave the lady my info, sat down and, and prepared to wait hours. God damn wouldn’t you know like 5 mins later my name was called (thank goodness). So I followed the lady back to the little office it had some kinda creepy chair in it and some horrible decorations, she told me I had to pee in a cup and I was like shit, usually no big but I had already gone. so she took my blood first (it really hurt), well not really hurt but just very uncomfortable then the wait began for my pee, between the fact that I just went and the nerves I didn’t plan on getting out of there very soon, but by the grace of god I felt the urge took the cup did my tinkle and was out the door. A pretty mundane boring story, however the reason I tell it because as soon as the results come back…….I gets to Fuck Boys! See you on the web pages


Brooke van Buuren

My First Solo Shoot

I was extremely nervous, and I didn’t know what to expect or how things were going to be. The shoot was for Cheerleader Videos and all I knew was that I had to masturbate on camera. Something that I use to do in the privacy of my own room or bathroom I was putting on video for the whole world to see. While one side of me was nervous and scared the other side of me was hot and turned on and had me very eager to see where this could lead.

When I arrived E and W (the photographer) were very nice. They were very pleasant and patient every step of the way knowing it was my first time in front of a camera for anything (including my personal life with BF’s and such) which really impressed me, and made me feel really at ease and comfortable.

Allot of things were going through my mind as we were going through wardrobe, and the paperwork, and as the lights and cameras were being set up, E continuously broke up my nerves by making jokes (thank god these guys were funny I love funny guys) after wardrobe was all laid out and on I took my very first steps in front of the lights and the camera clicked away. Lots of pictures were taken to I am amazed at how many, a complete rush went through my body and kind of soaked my panties, I was turned on by the attention that was given to me I liked it fuck that I loved it. I got to wear like really nice dresses and all my nice clothes and of course a cheerleader outfit. I was continually changing my outfits; I think I changed it like 6 times?

After the photosets it was time to roll camera so I prepared for the first movie. We started the first movie; I was really scare cause like I said this was something I am not used to. So I felt a little tense. However, by like the third movie I was getting used to it so I lightened up and let the juices flow, and things started to run smoother.

It was a weird yet fun experience, and I learned allot from it. I am so glad I had understanding people to help me through it. Doing this also made me a little more aware of other things as well, like its work even if you have fun at it!

By the end of the day I was soooo exhausted! I was really tired and really sore like my feet were killing me, I was wearing a lot of heels something I was not use too! But I didn’t mind because I love heels and now I have a reason to wear and buy more! Overall I had a GREAT first photo shoot/video shoot and Thank you to Cheerleader Videos for being great teachers and kind and patient!


Brooke Van Buuren